Extractor Fan Cleaning
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Extractor Fan Cleaning

Extractor fans are designed to recirculate the air when cooking this means they collect alot of grease and grim over time.

Cleaning extractor fans can be a sticky messing job so why get your hands dirty let us at shine oven clean do the hard work for you.

The build up of fat and grease over time will require your filters and cover to your extractor to be deep cleaned. Our team of professional oven cleaners have a vast knowledge of all makes and models of extractor hoods and the skills to clean even the most toughest jobs.

A clean extractor fan means it can do the job its meant to removing all cooking odours and gases from your kitchen.

If your filters are blocked with grease this will prevent your extractor from doing its job , the grease and particles normally picked up by your extractor then spread around the kitchen.

Removing the grease from your extractor helps to keep your kitchen cleaner.

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